All Star Plumbing of Holland » All Star Plumbing of Holland will share with you a small sample of the work they do as well as informing you of new products in the Plumbing world.

Check out this adorable beach inspired kitchen remodel we just finished! The Blanco biscotti sink color was the perfect match!!IMG_1199IMG_1200

Just added these beautiful faucets to the showroom!! Kohler Artifacts is one of our favorites!!714204107b6fc0d7f1c71c32e71761db8a8bdbe8_1000Category_Template

Blanco is coming out with a really cool utility/laundry sink!401925_LIVEN_LAUNDRY_GL_DI_BI_WI

Thats right people gold is coming back! Brushed gold that is!!  Check out this beautiful brushed bronze finish by Kohler.cd35321a46fae9bcea8efcbdfb32991802618caa

This is Kohlers new semi-professional kitchen faucet!! This is definitely something you need in your kitchen.